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West Allegheny high school teacher charged with sex with student

Police have charged a 26-year-old male high school teacher with sexual assault on an 18-year-old female student. They also claim that he gave her alcoholic beverages.

The defendant served both as a teacher and as a wrestling coach at a high school in West Allegheny, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

The police investigation was reportedly sparked by the receipt of an anonymous letter stating that the teacher had engaged in improper conduct with a student. As a result of a subsequent investigation, prosecutors say that the girl indicated that she drank alcoholic beverages at the teacher's house and had sex with him there.

He allegedly took her to his house on that occasion after first taking her out for ice cream. She was then a senior at the high school and asserted that both she and the teacher missed school the following day as a result of having gotten drunk.

She subsequently claimed to have engaged in sexual acts with the teacher on approximately six occasions.

The teacher has been suspended from his high school jobs pending resolution of the matter.

Police notified the school of the criminal charges, which include six felonies of institutional sexual assault. The teacher's one charge of providing alcohol to an underage person is legally classified as a misdemeanor.

By the time the investigation was concluded and the charges were lodged, the girl was no longer a student at the high school. The teacher was described as popular with students at the school.

Anyone facing a similar charge should decline to speak with the police, press or prosecutors. Instead, they should discuss the case with an attorney with a track record of protecting clients' rights and freedom.

Source: WPXI, "Teacher accused of having sex with student, giving her booze," Jan. 17, 2013

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