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Police arrest alleged cocaine traffickers

A 23-year-old Pittsburgh man with warrants in two states was recently arrested in Indiana. The man has warrants from Pennsylvania involving gun and assault charges as well as a probation violation.

He also had federal warrant from West Virginia for drug charges, specifically conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

After receiving a tip regarding the man's whereabouts, the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force set up surveillance. The man was arrested after officers pulled him over in the area of the home where he was said to be staying. Police later discovered marijuana plants growing in the basement of the home.

The man is currently being held in an Indiana jail while he awaits extradition. In addition to his current warrants, Indiana State Police said he will also face local criminal charges.

Another Pittsburgh man was recently accused of being involved in an interstate cocaine trafficking ring. One of the men is a former high school football coach, having coached at a school about 30 miles from Pittsburgh.

He and a Houston man were arrested after a Texas truck driver was caught with about 35 pounds of cocaine and $669,000 in his vehicle. That arrest led to charges against the other men.

In these kinds of cases, penalties can include years of incarceration if the defendant is convicted. People facing those possible penalties typically rely on experienced attorneys with track records of successfully defending clients.

Source: Courier-Journal, "Pittsburgh fugitive arrested in Southern Indiana," Jan. 3, 2012

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