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Pittsburgh Steelers to stick with rookie after DUI arrest

The Pittsburgh Steelers recently announced that they were moving suspended rookie lineman Alameda Ta'amu back onto the team's active roster. The move ended speculation that the team and nose tackle would part ways after Ta'amu's Oct. 14 arrest for drunk driving.

The first-year player faces a raft of felony charges as a result of the incident, including driving under the influence of alcohol and aggravated assault.

He's also accused of aggravated assault by vehicle, attempting to elude police, resisting arrest and causing an accident that caused damage.

Ta'amu is accused of fleeing when law enforcement officers attempted to pull his SUV over. He then reportedly crashed into several parked cars and in the process injured a woman in one of the vehicles.

According to officials, the player was driving his vehicle the wrong way on a Pittsburgh street around 2:30 that morning when police tried to stop him. That's apparently when the chase began.

The 6-foot-3, 348 pound player is also accused of struggling with officers after he was pulled over. In all, he faces five felonies among a total of 10 charges from the incident.

"It was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life," he told the media recently. "It won't happen again. It was a bad night. I let a lot of people down, my family, fans and especially my teammates. I have to keep moving forward and keep getting better."

People facing similar accusations know full well that if they're convicted, they could face time in jail, substantial fines and more. An experienced Pittsburgh DUI attorney can help protect their rights and help them understand their legal options and make informed decisions.

Source: SBnation.com, "Alameda Ta'amu expresses regret for alleged drunk-driving incident," Nov. 1, 2012

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